Paysage Boutique also offers full design services

 Once in a great, while we are blessed enough to come across someone who so deeply understands the in’s and out’s of who we are that they can almost know your thoughts before you do. They can actually take who you are, place it on a naked canvas and create beauty out of blank spaces. And in the end, what was once a mere vision becomes a beautiful reality! This is Gigi Horsley!! One who at any given moment has multiple projects in process, yet makes you feel like you are the only person in her life! Never have I met someone with both a passion for what she creates as a designer but also for who you are as her client. Gigi is deeply talented with an equally deep heart and soul! A Gem!  We had many challenges with our project and she had the unique ability to smooth every single one of them out flawlessly! We can hardly wait to start making memories surrounded by her creativity!
Lisa Suriano

[Paysage Boutique] is a feast for the eyes!
Becky Pelers

Gigi is wonderful!!! The PH team is professional and easy to work with. I love to visit the store that is ever changing and fresh. Always providing inspiration and guidance for my next home project. Wilmington is so lucky to have this great resource!

Paysage acted as designer and general contractor for my bathroom remodels. They, most notably Gigi, took my vision, enhanced it, and they were involved and took responsibility for every detail. The personal attention was unlike any other I'd experienced... And I've been around awhile!!
I would highly recommend them without qualification.
Pat Taylor

I love browsing in Paysage because everything they have is unique. I know whatever I but I will not see ten more times. Also, their personnel is superb - very informative. They're the best!
B. Dorosko

There is a good design and then there's the exception. I've worked with other designers but never one as talented as Gigi. She provided us with breakfast room seating with oh so comfortable and handsomely elegant chairs for an existing table which was no easy task. They never fail to bring compliments when we entertain. The living room was in need of extra seating, a small table, lighting, a focal point, pillows for a sofa, bench and chaise plus a few accessories. What she chose to pull the room together-stunning lamps, ottomans, fabulous pillows and accessories are timeless pieces that will never go out of style. Gigi completed our project much sooner than I imagined and well within budget. We look forward to working with her in the future as our needs change.
Linda C.

Paysage Home is an absolutely gorgeous interior design environment that is welcoming and inspiring. The professionalism of Paysage Home's skillful designers excites shoppers about creating beauty and comfort in their homes. I have particularly enjoyed the superior quality of furniture and decorative accessories available every time I walk into their store. It is satisfying, when shopping at Paysage Home, to be able to purchase beautiful items off the floor. I love the fun of taking home a piece that I've fallen in love with! Paysage Home is my favorite shopping environment for selecting magnificent home interiors.
Ann Wooten

When my husband and I decided to extensively remodel our beach home, we knew we wanted a new "look" for the interior. It had to be fresh with clean lines, but also very functional and able to withstand beach living. We looked at different design shops, but immediately liked the style and feel of Paysage. We wanted to work with someone who could not only help coordinate a distinct look and feel for our home but would also take the time to inspect all orders and oversee the workmanship to maintain the highest quality. GiGi was just the right person. Our tastes and ideas blended well and she was able to tie ideas together in unique and original ways. She worked with some of the pieces of art and furniture we wanted to use and made it all seem new. Her standards are exacting and such that we never had a worry about craftsmanship. It was an exceptional experience and a relationship I hope we'll continue indefinitely!

Paysage has brought the cosmopolitan, chic style we craved to our home. Having worked with Gigi for several years, her expertise, experience and personal service are unsurpassed. From large scale projects to simple pieces, Paysage never disappoints. My husband and I had a unique vision for our home and Gigi and her team helped us to realize it… sophisticated, smart and stunning.
Marian Lazarus

A comfortable beach house where we could raise 3 boys without concerns about wear and tear. A place where they could grow up, bring their friends and be carefree. Truly, a boys house! The time had come, however, where an up-fit was needed. We wanted to move into the next phase of adult children while keeping the atmosphere very much a beach house, but with a more pulled together look and feel. GiGi was able to take our vision and translate it into a house that reflects individual tastes in each bedroom, yet is well coordinated and integrates many of our old pieces and artwork, with new ones. Comfortably chic!
Margaret de St. Aubin