Paysage Home serves Wilmington, North Carolina, and the surrounding communities, supporting local artisans and sharing the beauty of interior design with home and business owners, architects, builders, and more.

Start anew with our complete interior design package. Ideal for residential and commercial environments, we work with your style preferences to bring sophistication and functionality to your space. From pre-construction consultation to buyer service for hard-to-find pieces, Paysage designers ensure you’ll always love where you live, work, or play.

Every interior can benefit from the advice of a professional Paysage designer. Allow us to guide you through the selection of key elements in your space, like finding paint color, choosing flooring and tile, or arranging pieces in the room. No request is too small for our hourly design service; all you have to do is ask.

We‘d love to get to know you and help solve your design challenges. With our two-hour consultations, we spend time collaborating at your home or business, plus time back at our studio drafting your unique design concept. Our no-obligation recommendations get you started on fulfilling your deepest design desires.

Complimentary with our complete design services, house calls help Paysage designers learn the scope of your project. We will discuss your lifestyle and design priorities while becoming familiar with your space and establishing a budget before determining the next steps in the process.

Today’s technology takes us beyond our borders. Just as our designs are influenced by cultures and lifestyles spanning the globe, our clients hire us from all over the world. Try Paysage e-design to connect with top interior designers that make the online experience one of enjoyment – no matter where home is.

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Our furnishing and home accents boutique offer one-of-a-kind merchandise from top luxury designers. Browse our selection online or visit our boutique in Wilmington, North Carolina.