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Hourly design services near Wilmington, North Carolina

Every interior can benefit from the professional, informed recommendation of a skilled designer.
From home remodels or refreshes, to new home construction, or retail spaces, Paysage Home designers offer advice that incorporates your thoughts and ideas into the natural elements of design.

Design-per-hour consultations are for the builder, homeowner, or business owner looking for professional assistance with:

  • Art and accessory selection
  • Arranging pieces in the room
  • Floor plan
  • Flooring
  • Paint color
  • Shopping services
  • Tile
  • Wallcoverings
  • Window treatments

No request is too small for hourly design assistance. A Paysage designer will meet with you at the space and offer advice on using existing or incorporating new elements of design. We also work with contractors to design custom pieces or architectural details on your behalf as part of our hourly service.

Contact us today to receive a design per hour rate and let us help you put a professional touch on your design.