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Meet Gigi Sireyjol-Horsley, Owner and Lead Interior Designer 

At Paysage, we don’t create because we have to. We create because we love to.

I have lived and breathed interior design from an early age. Born in Casablanca, Morocco and back to France at the age of 13, I grew up surrounded by art.
Hours and hours with my mother in antique stores was just a Saturday routine.
"Touch with your eyes!” was her way to say: look, appreciate, imagine a story, and memorize. Prowling the Sunday markets in search of hidden treasures, we always kept a magnifier in hand to reveal the artist's signature on a dusty masterpiece in a dark corner.

My mother was a master of what I call “Art and Beauty in Your Home.” For her, everything was connected: physical appearance, exquisite food, art de la table, and elegant timeless interiors. She taught me the harmonious and natural way to balance each of these against the other to create a whole that surpasses the sum of the parts.

Today, these lessons enable me to tailor each project to each of my client’s needs. Learning your personality, lifestyle and priorities, and then creating the perfect complement, is my favorite part of being an interior designer.

I love a serene atmosphere that balances classic French elegance with the use of silk, linen, leather, wood, stone and metal. I enjoy bringing the unexpected to an interior, and I complement every one of my projects with custom-designed, locally-sourced artisanal objects. This fusion of new with antique pieces is my way of achieve a look that transcends periods and reflects your unique personality and taste.

Meet Judy Watford, Interior Designer 

My journey with Design started as a child, visiting my Aunt who had a keen eye for design and a beautiful collection of art and Depression Glass. Even then, I was mesmerized by the beautiful colors and textures. Interior Design became a passion and a longing.

I was raised in California, lived in Ohio and now reside in Wilmington. I have been married for 36 years, blessed with 4 children and one grandchild. I have always loved design and decided to go back to school to get my degree when I was 48 years old. I am classically trained ASID Allied Interior Designer. I have been a designer for 9 years with further education in Kitchen and Bath Design from the NKBA.

I believe that design is very emotional and should always be the client’s design, not mine. Each design is uniquely created to translate their personality with a timeless fresh style. I love mixing modern and classic to give a thoughtful harmonious space. My design embodies the principles of balance, unity and function with a keen sense of detail.