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Paysage Home has been on the front scene of home decor and interior design in Wilmington for over 15 years now! It is not a surprise that Paysage has always been engaged in the community. “Giving back and supporting locals have been part of our inner values since the beginning’ says Gigi Horsley, owner of
Dear clients and friends, Our team wishes you the best of health and safety during the Coronavirus crisis. We have decided to close our stores as of March 24th but we are fully working remotely! We are working on home design projects and responding to email and text, so do not hesitate to contact us.

December 2017

5 Ways to Decorate for the Holidays  1. Garland Garland is always customary holiday decoration! Take your home to the next level and place garland around your stairwell and banister. 2. Ornaments Ornaments are a classic Christmas tree decorating item! Try to find ornaments that go with the theme of your holiday décor. If you

February 2018

4 Design Tricks To Bring Loving Energy Into Your Home written by Dana Claudat from mindbodygreen Love is a force of life. It’s often the inspiration for beautiful art, the motivation for many to rise to great heights, and the most incredible feeling in the world. Everyone I meet seems to want to bring new

January 2018

How to Declutter your Decor for the New Year Steps to Declutter Your Home  1. Start with one room or one zone in that room. It’s easier to focus on one thing at one time, versus many different rooms at different times. 2. When you are cleaning your bedroom, first make your bed. Did you

November 2017

Curate Copper in Your Home for the Holidays Also featured on The Shake 1) Want to Add a Festive Touch to a Room? Change the shades of your sconces. You can buy inexpensive paper shades and spray them with copper. 2) Apply Copper on an Accent Wall Accent wallpaper is great when you want to

September 2017

A Fall Ready Room This article was provided by The Scout Guide. Here are a few of our favorite ways to address the shorter days and lower temperatures in our fall and winter decor: 1. Pile on the velvet pillows. Is there a fabric more perfect for winter than velvet? We think not. Now is

August 2017

How to Decorate a Bookshelf (Do’s and Dont’s provided by The Scout Guide) Dos: Do start by taking everything off the shelves. When you’re ready to start building them back, use only the things that you love. Do pay attention to color. Arrange books according to color, and consider removing dust jackets from hardcovers to