May 2017

What Your Bedroom Says About You

A design twist we love: with perspective, those lamps look like a heart

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Do you find yourself making spontaneous decisions, or planning out your entire day? Did you know that your bedroom design is able to answer all those questions. Read below to find out what your bedroom says about you! This article is brought to you by Power of Positivity.

Introvert vs. Extrovert

The color of your space can help determine whether you are an introvert or extrovert. An introvert recharges their batteries and gets energized from spending time alone and in quiet while an extrovert gets their energies from others in a more social atmosphere.

A bedroom space surrounded in warm, colorful hues like oranges, yellows and pinks that are cheerful and welcoming suggest an extroverted personality. On the other hand, mild and neutral hues like blues, greens, and browns that give off a calming and tranquil vibe suggest more of an introverted personality.

Modern vs. Traditional

It’s pretty easy to determine whether you are embracing modern, minimalist, technology-enhanced style choices or if you are true to traditional antique design. Just look around and it will be hard to deny your preference.

Someone who is attracted to traditional design and color palettes is someone who wants to put down roots, values family and works hard to maintain a family-work balance.
Someone who selects a more contemporary and modern look for their bedroom space is often more adventurous, willing to change and gets excited by the newness of things.

Spontaneous vs. Planner

How a bed and bedroom space are arranged says a lot about how you go through your day and life in general. A more put together space with everything in its place indicates an organized, in control, planner type of person.

Conversely, a more chaotic, disheveled space where things appear to be thrown around supports someone who is more spontaneous and “go with the flow.”

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